About Us

Safe-T-Fresh toilet chemicals and cleaning products are used by portable toilet operators in over 115 countries around the world to maintain their toilets, trucks and hand wash stations.

Product Testing and Development

Triple Molecular Technology

At our newly updated manufacturing facility in Texas, product testing and new product development are ongoing. Recent research using environmentally safe ingredients produced Graffix graffiti remover and our BIO line of toilet fluids and sachets. Both formulas have vastly exceeded initial expectations for performance based on field testing and operator feedback.

Triple Molecular Technology: Our chemicals are comprised of multiple biocides, advanced perfumes and an odour neutralizing complex. These three components react synergistically to daily chemical changes within the tank to neutralize odours. This built-in, time-released formula is known as Triple Molecular Technology, and works in the harshest conditions.


All Safe-t-Fresh products are compliant with the REACH requirements. REACH is the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use (EC 1907/2006). It deals with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances. The law entered into force on 1 June 2007.

Satellite has appointed an Only Representative to support its REACH compliance strategy. As the initial step, we have pre-registered all of the eligible substances we import into the EU. Moving forward, we will ensure all the needed steps for registration will be completed within the required timeline set out in the REACH regulation. REACH is just the next step in our already long and successful policy of product safety and compliance.


Chemicals are available in liquids and sachets. For liquids, there is SAFE-T-FRESH (non-formaldehyde) and BIO. Each product comes in varying levels of concentration. For portion control, Safe-T-Fresh offers Quick Scents sachets in Regular, Plus, Bio and Savers formulas, all non-formaldehyde.

Our BIO product line contains extremely active bacteria and enzymes that break down solids quickly to prevent piling. Using these products consistently will eliminate residue build up on tank walls that cause lingering odours. Safe-T-Fresh BIO ingredients are also beneficial to waste treatment plants.

The newest product from Safe-T-Fresh is Graffix graffiti remover. It produces outstanding results and is a completely safe, environmentally friendly product. Other products include hand soaps and sanitizers, cabana sprays, scent disks, urinal cleaners and more.


The sale of Safe-T-Fresh products is done primarily through Chemical Specialists located throughout the United States and Europe. To locate your local Chemical Specialist click here.

ROI Rewards Program

Since the ROI Rewards program was first initiated in 2008, operators have received over € 1 Million euros of free toilets by redeeming points earned in this program. Besides getting a free toilet, operators earn the rental fees for each toilet over its lifetime. If the toilet is rented for 8 months per year for 10 years at €75, that equals €6000. Add in € 500 for the initial value of the toilet and the total is €6500. The phrase “Put your money in the bank, not in the tank” is true. To learn more click here.


New markets continue to emerge around the world as portable sanitation becomes a reality. Safe-T-Fresh will be there to provide operators with fresh ideas and products for building a professional, profitable business.