Bio 5000

Moderate Traffic, Moderate Heat

BIO 5000 is the most concentrated, environmentally safe liquid portable toilet chemical on the market. From normal temperatures to high heat, this product, with natural actives, blocks the formation of odour causing bacteria before they begin to multiply, and will do so for a minimum of seven days. Overall, BIO 5000 liquid toilet additive provides the highest level of safe and effective odour control between services.

Use the Antifreeze in combination with our deodorisers at temperatures below 0°C.

Product Details

  • Environmentally safe
  • Less Mounding
  • Breaks down solids
  • Breaks down Toilet Tissue
  • Digests soil in Waste Tank
  • Clears tank walls of residue
  • Beneficial to waste treatment plants


Sweet Fresh

Sizes Available

1L, 3.8L, 23L, 208L

Usage Instructions

Mixing methodTemperaturesSTF BIO 5000 
Direct Shot T°>31°C75 ml+19L water in the tank
T° 21°C – 30°C60 ml
T° 11°C – 20°C40 ml
T<10°C22 ml

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