ROI Rewards

Safe-T-Fresh offers the industry’s first and most comprehensive customer loyalty program, ROI Rewards, that turns your chemical purchases into points that can be redeemed for toilets, trucks and parts. To check your eligibility and enrol in this programme please contact your local Deodorizer Specialist.

Here’s how it works

For every euro/pound you spend on Safe-T-Fresh chemicals your Chemical ROI account will be credited 1 point. Accumulate at least 800 points* and you will be able to exchange those points with a free item.

*Points expire after 3 years

The ROI Program has more to offer than just FREE products. All the products earn revenue for as long as you own them. For example, every toilet you receive will generate approx. 675€ per year (based on a €75 per month rental fee). Over ten years, that equals an astonishing 6750 € per toilet…. 675 € x 10 years = 6750 €.

If you receive ONE toilet per year for 10 years, that equals €49,500 in additional revenue! Now that is a RETURN ON your INVESTMENT!

With the ROI Program you will quickly earn FREE toilets just by doing what you always do – buy chemicals. Best of all, you are buying Safe-T-Fresh chemicals, products you can trust from a company who has been in the portable toilet business for over 50 years.

As you accumulate points, you can select from any of these products.

800 points

  • EZ Reacher
  • Graffix (3.8L)
  • Dry lift kits

1,500 points

  • Urinal Blocks (320 pieces)

2,300 points

  • Truck Wash Concentrate (23L)
  • Urinal Cleaner (23L)
  • Delimer (23L)
  • Solar Light for cabin

3,000 points

  • Sanibone

3,800 points

  • Rolly
  • Solo One
  • Antifreeze (200L)
  • Toilet Washdown (23L)
  • QuickScents Bio (200 packets)
  • Air Freshner Discs (500 pieces)

4,000 points

  • In unit handwash sinks

4,500 points

  • Dosing system for chemical products
  • 1 flush kit

5,000 points

  • AgWash hand-sanitation station

12,000 points

  • Tufway cabin with open tank
  • Maxim 3000 cabin with open tank
  • Mondo cabin with open tank
  • Urinal conversion kit for Liberty and Freedom (SRO)
  • Wave or Breeze II (handwash stations)
  • Camel (mobile storage tank: 1135L)
  • Devil (steel framed trolley for cabins)

15,000 points

  • Cold water shower cabin

20,000 points

  • Uriclean
  • Tufway, Mondo, Maxim 3000 with flushing system with liftable deck (hand and foot pump)

30,000 points

  • Liberty cabin (for users with reduced mobility) with open tank
  • Highrise cabin (without roof)
  • Connect Tufway/Mondo (connected to the sewage)

36,000 points

  • Hot water shower cabin
  • Connect Tufway/Mondo with hot water

42,000 points

  • HFreedom 3 cabin (for users with reduced mobility) with open tank
  • High Tech II (VIP cabin)
  • Highrise (with roof and lift kit)