Bio QuickScents 60 gram

Incredibly strong, long-lasting protection throughout the entire service cycle

Bio QuickScents 60 gram portable toilets chemicals are our most powerful, all-natural, powder packets having a unique combination of odor control and cleaning power to insure your portable toilets remain fresh and clean. The all-natural ingredients in Bio QuickScents 60 break down waste to prevent piling and dissolve residual waste found on tank walls and tubing, two things that cause the greatest amount of odors. Along with the benefits to your portable toilets, the active ingredients are also beneficial to waste treatment plants, eliminating any worries about dumping.

Use the Antifreeze in combination with our deodorisers at temperatures below 0°C.

Product Details

  • Environmentally Safe Odour Control
  • Long Lasting Blue Colour
  • Beneficial to Waste Dump Sites
  • Liquefies Waste & Digests Toilet Tissue
  • No Mixing, Waste or Mess


Bubble Gum

Sizes Available

200 per Case (5 bags of 40)

Usage Instructions

  1. Drop tablet or sachet in tank
  2. Add 19 l water
  3. Go!

Free with 3,800 ROI points

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QuickScents Bio Product Sheet