Bio QuickScents 30 gram

A small sachet for use when a standard size is too much.

The advantage of using Bio QuickScents 30 gram toilet chemicals packets is the reduced cost per service compared to the Bio QuickScents 60 gram. The smaller size 30 gram packet contains all the active ingredients of the 60 gram, but in less quantity, making it ideal for moderate traffic, moderate heat conditions. In the same way, 30 gram packets also break down waste to prevent piling and clean tank walls and tubing where residual waste can dry and cause lasting odors.

Product Details

  • Environmentally Safe Odour Control
  • Long Lasting Blue Colour
  • Beneficial to Waste Dump Sites
  • Liquefies Waste & Digests Toilet Tissue
  • No Mixing, Waste or Mess


Bubble Gum

Sizes Available

400 per Case (5 bags of 80)

Usage Instructions

  1. Drop tablet or sachet in tank
  2. Add 19 l water
  3. Go!

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QuickScents Bio Product Sheet