STF 6K is the most concentrated liquid portable toilet deodoriser in the world. Along with the long-lasting, deep blue dye STF6K contains the highest amount of active ingredients of any syrup in our line of portable toilets deodorisers.

Use the Antifreeze in combination with our deodorisers at temperatures below 0°C.

Product Details

  • Most concentrated product on the market
  • Most economical formula
  • Most Colour & Actives
  • Superior odour control
  • Non-Formaldehyde
  • Non-staining dye, keep your hands clean
  • Low transport volume, save on delivery charges
  • Lasts 1 full week, guaranteed


Bubble Gum, Cherry, Hot Cinnamon, Lavender, Lemon, Mountain Breeze, Spice, Mulberry

Sizes Available

3.8L, 23L, 208L, 1041L

Usage Instructions

Use 15 - 30ml per 19L water

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Usage Calculator

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milliliters per 19 litres