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Values & Principles

Satellite is committed to providing customers with high quality toilet additives and services at reasonable prices, never taking unfair advantage of the customer. Toward that aim, the global Satellite team strives to be a constantly progressive, honest, ethical, legal, disciplined, balanced and respectful organization. Satellite promotes a corporate culture that encourages innovation and respect for individuals, society and the environment.

Why Safe-T-Fresh?

The wide range of products available to you is only one reason to try Safe-T-Fresh products. More importantly, the science and research behind Safe-T-Fresh products gives us confidence you will be completely satisfied, or your money back. As our tagline states, “Odour Control. Guaranteed!”

Along with great products like our Quick Scents BIO sachets or SAFE-T-FRESH liquids is our team of Deodorisers Specialists who help you find the right product for your climate and conditions. They work with customers every day and are familiar with how chemicals respond to temperature and usage.

Many customers also take advantage of our ROI Rewards program. Points are awarded for every purchase of Safe-T-Fresh products that you can redeem for free toilets, handwash stations and other fine Satellite products. To date, over one million euro worth of products have been awarded to loyal Safe-T-Fresh customers. When you choose Safe-T-Fresh products, it’s like putting money in the bank, not in the tank.

Product Development Processes & Testing

When creating new products or refining existing ones, Safe-T-Fresh utilizes its own chemist and testing facility within its Cedar Park, TX manufacturing facility.

The goal with blue products is to have consistent performance in the field, which requires continual product testing and field observation. Routinely, Deodorisers Specialists schedule ride-alongs with customers to evaluate blue additive performance related to colour, fragrance and odour control.

When manufacturing, each batch is sampled and coded for future evaluation in case a product underperforms or fails in field applications. Customers are protected in these cases by our performance guarantee.

As Safe-T-Fresh continues to grow and develop, the focus is on producing more “green” products similar to our new Graffix graffiti remover. It is entirely organic and performs better than graffiti removers previously developed by Safe-T-Fresh. It’s further proof that Safe-T-Fresh can and will produce safe and effective cleaners and toilet fluids you can depend on in your yard or the field.

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