Product Details

  • Standard pump 208L container
  • Standard pump 3.8L container
  • Shaker + pouring cap (to use with our QuickScents and QuickBlue)
  • Large spigot (208L drum)
  • Small spigot (23L pail & 208L drum)
  • Empty bottle 3.8L + Cap for empty bottle 3.8L
  • Empty bottle 1L + 2 caps for empty bottle 1L
  • Empty bottle 945 ml + Cap for empty bottle 945 ml
  • Barrel opener that helps opening your 208 litre-barrels
  • Tweezers to grab QuickScents in their bag
  • Extremely high resistance brush with long handle
  • EZ reacher: highly practical for grabbing bigger objects (e.g. cans) to ensure no damage is done to the vacuum module equipment when emptying your tanks.